8 Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Coordinator

Most people who have been engaged will tell you that there's a lot more thought and time that goes into planning a wedding than they would have ever imagined. Many people hear the term "wedding planner/coordinator" and immediately think either one of two things: 1) "that's a luxury service that I can't afford", and 2) "It's my wedding, I want to plan it".  And I totally understand those reactions, but it is our belief that making either one or both of these assumptions can actually cause you more money and grief in the long run. 

We offer several levels of coordination so that our clients can decide to what level of involvement they need help with the planning, coordinating and executing process. 

Day-Of Coordination: Perfect for the couple who has all the planning under control, but needs a professional to execute all their hard work.

Month-of Coordination: Allows the bride and groom to enjoy the twilight of their engagement while their wedding coordinator confirms and finalizes all of those last minute details with the vendors. 

Full-Service Wedding Coordination: Guides our clients through the entire planning process. We'll be with you every step of the way. From budget formation and sticking to it, to vendor research and selection. 

Need more convincing why we believe hiring a coordinator is the best wedding decision you'll make? Check out the reasons below. 

1. Saves You Time

The average wedding takes couples 200+ hours to plan. Yes, you read that right. Hiring a wedding coordinator takes a bulk of the back and forth communication off your plate. We often times serve as the middleman between our clients and their selected vendors. We like to establish early on that we will be the point of contact, so that when the big day comes along, vendors are used to communicating with us, and doesn't bombard the couple and their family with lots of questions.

2. Saves You Money

Part of our job is to know market and industry standards; this includes price points. We advise our clients on the most important areas to spend their money. In Lawrence, the average couple is spending $25k on the entire event. No matter the size of your budget, you want to get the most bang for your buck, and we can help you do that. 

3. Wedding Vendors Love Us

When you think about it, there's a reason that your Florist, Caterer, DJ and Photographer don't advertise their services as Coordination. Your Photographer wants to take amazing pictures of your wedding day. If they are having to contact other vendors on your behalf, then they are being pulled away from their primary duties. If a bride and groom aren't using a wedding coordinator, a lot of times complimentary vendors end up having to manage the day-of timeline, or take on additional duties that are not within their agreed upon contracted services. Hiring a coordinator not only gives you peace of mind, but also your other vendors!

4. Gives Valuable Advice

A good wedding planner will know the ins and outs of the wedding industry. They will know exactly which wedding venues can accommodate your wedding size, fit within your budget, yet also give you the atmosphere you want. It is our job to know the vendors in our area inside and out; we know which florist can create the perfect bouquet and centerpieces for your theme, and which DJ can keep your guests dancing all night long!

5. Saves Relationships

Weddings can be stressful. Oftentimes a bride and groom find that planning a wedding can create tension between them and their families. A wedding coordinator knows how to deal with these situations and will act as the middle person to help avoid conflicts. 

6. Organizes all of Your Ideas into the Wedding of Your Dreams

Who is going to confirm all of your vendors setup times and details the month before your wedding? Who will create your reception room diagram and create a detailed timeline for your entire wedding day? Your wedding coordinator will handle and organize all of these tasks and more during the weeks and days leading up to your big day, leaving you to enjoy the twilight of your engagement. 

7. Acts on Your Behalf on Your Wedding Day

The big day is finally here. You have friends and family in town that have traveled miles to be there and that you haven't seen in years. The last thing you want is your caterer calling you while you're getting your hair done asking questions about setup. Your wedding coordinator will be the point of contact for all vendors on your wedding day so that you can sit back and relax. 

8. Handles Wedding Day "Fires"

Trust us on this, something always goes less than exactly as planned at every wedding. Whether its something big or small, noticeable or not, your wedding coordinator is well trained to put out these "fires" so that you and your guests don't even know they occurred. This is why its crucial to have a great relationship with your wedding team. It is our job to understand our clients, their vision and their wishes. A strong understanding and relationship means that we can act on their behalf in those moments.