The 6 Most Important Things to Do After Your Wedding

Last call has been announced and the final dance floor jam is over.  Before you walk out into the happily ever after, make sure you make time for or have a plan for these 6 most important things to do after your celebration.  

Hiring a wedding coordinator can make some of these things easier for you! :)

1. Collect all of your belongings

Make arrangements for your beautiful flower arrangements to be dispersed to be enjoyed for the duration of their life.  You spent good money on all of these beautiful flora, they are yours.  Have a plan for them to go home with your mother, bridesmaids, in-laws and take some for yourself! Some brides wish to preserve their bouquets.  Check out this Bouquet Preservation 101 from

Make arrangements for all of your decor and gifts to make it to their final destination.  Make sure you know what the clear-out expectations of your ceremony venue are.  Some venues will allow for items to be stored over night with prior arrangements.  Others require all items to be taken that night.  You don't necessarily have to physically do these things yourself, (I mean lets be honest you may be wrapped up in other things) but make sure you have a plan in place for these things to get done.  As an Event Coordinators, these are details that ensure get taken care of for you!

2. Decompress

You did it.  You survived.  You and your mother managed to not kill each other.   You're hitched!  The day was beautiful and all of your guests had a wonderful time because they got to celebrate your love.   Grab your favorite warm beverage and find a comfortable sitting place.  Now, BREATHE.  You did it  You survived. You now have the rest of your life in front of you.  And you've successfully married the person you want to share it with.  But for now - relax.  Enjoy the quiet and the peace.  

3. Deliver Final Payments

Every vendor is different.  Some require a deposit, and then they will assess adjustments to the proposal and invoice after the wedding date.  Some vendors will provide you with a final invoice before the wedding date.  Make sure you have a clear understanding of your financial responsibilities and make a payment schedule to make sure these expenses are taken care of. Your Wedding Coordinator can help you sort through these payment deadlines and can deliver final payments on your behalf if you flee the country the next day!

4. Send Out Those Thank You's

We all know that social media and electronic correspondence can be impersonal.  Take the time to hand-write and personalize little notes to your guests for the gifts that they graciously gave to you.  Your guests will appreciate the sentiment and your gratitude.  

5. Get Your Name Changed

Now a days, newlywed brides have many modern options to make about whether or not to change their surname.  

  • Keep Your Given Name
  • Take Your Spouse's Name
  • Take Your Spouse's Name Legally, But Keep Your Given Name Professionally
  • Make Your Given Surname Your Middle Name and Take Your Spouse's Last Name
  • Create a New Last Name

Each of these options are valid in today's culture.  Taking your spouse's name however, does still require the most paperwork for the bride. For $30, can help you sort through the forms and before you know it your Social Security, US Passport, State Driver's License, USPS and State Voter Registration will all be order.  

6. Enjoy Wedded Bliss