A Sweet Slice of History Part 2

Top Trending Cakes Part 2

Picking up just where we left off on our sweet journey through today's top wedding cake trends!

8. Ombre Cakes

I cannot get enough of ombre.  The soft fading effect looks oh-so-lovely on wedding details- especially the cakes. The subtle mix between bright shades and pastel colors just makes my color loving heart aflutter with excitement.  Along with being super trendy, ombre wedding cakes are the perfect way to show off your color scheme and add an unexpected twist to your reception decor.  With each row just a whisper darker than the one before it, the ombre effect is both playful and demure.  

9. Cakes with Surprise Fillings

Peek-a-Boo cakes aren't just for gender reveal parties anymore!  Stun and delight your family and guests with these delicious treats, which can be cut open to reveal a burst of color or a distinctive patter or shape.  Maybe an allover ombre cake gives to much away up front for your taste - cover your cake with white buttercream roses and no one will expect the varied layers of color inside.  Whether you're aiming for whimsical, decadent or elegant, a cake with a surprise filling is sure to please your guests!

10. Cakes with Geometric Designs

We all know by now that dressing up your cake is a fun way to put some pep into your wedding decor and these geometric wedding cakes are an unexpected modern twist that will have your guests talking long after all the crumbs have been licked off their plates!  Pretty pastel color palettes get a little bit of zing with the use of geometric patterns like squares, triangles and chevrons.  More sophisticated color stories take a glamorous, vintage inspired geo cake over the top. 

11. Unconventional "Cakes"

The French have been mastering the unconventional wedding cake for years.  The croqembouche, traditional wedding cake of France resembles nothing of it's American cousin.  The name croqembouche, which means, "crunch in the mouth" refers to the hard caramel that coats delicate puffs of pate a choux filled with vanilla cream.  The top tier rests on an edible nougatine base, made of caramel and crushed almonds.  Today, us Yankee's are finally catching on.  All we have to do to satisfy the wedding cake expectation is stack up delicious sweets in tapered tiers.  Macaroons, donuts, cake pops and pies are all finding their way to the center of the reception.  

12. Candy Cakes

By now, we're all familiar with the candy bar.  So if you're going to provide your guests with a buffet of sugary take-homes, why not cover your cake the sinful colored sugar as well?! Candy cakes can show the playfulness of a couple, the whimsey and the unabashed fun which surrounds your special day. 

13. Bold Color Cakes

In the past few years, brides and grooms have been pushing the boundaries on what is "acceptable" at a wedding.  White and pastels, while still great choices, are no longer the only colors used to celebrate a new marriage.  Bold, bright colors are increasingly being chosen over the more traditional color palettes, and the aesthetic is transferring over to bold, colorful wedding cakes. And I love it!  Add flair and drama to your wedding day with bold colors and flashy cakes and truly make a bold statement.  

14. Hand Painted Cakes

I had to save my very favorite for last.  While hand painted cakes have been slowly popping up on blogs and Pinterest over the last couple of years, they are now quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in wedding cakes - and from looking at the stunning examples above, it's easy to see why!  It's pretty safe to say that flowers and floral patterns are probably the most popular motif for wedding cakes in general.  And while the same can be said for hand-painted cakes, these flowers - from photo realist blooms painted onto gum paste to soft watercolor petals - are anything but boring. The abstract and the romantic, seasonal and stained glass, graffiti and love letters are all finding themselves imprinted on these pastries.  I can't tell you how in love with these edible masterpieces.