A Sweet Slice of History

Since antiquity, weddings customarily have been celebrated with a special sweet. Ancient Roman wedding ceremonies were finalized by breaking a cake of wheat or barley (mustaceum) over the bride’s head as a symbol of good fortune. The newly married couple then ate a few crumbs in a custom known as confarreatio—eating together. Afterwards, the wedding guests gathered up the crumbs as tokens of good luck.

Today, the wedding cake is often a shining center and conversation piece of the wedding reception.  Couples and bakeries spend countless hours deciding on flavors, size, format and design.  These decisions are made even more difficult today by the vast amount of different decorating techniques, styles and methods at a decorators disposal these days. Part 1 of this two part series will highlight some of the while trendy, more traditional wedding cake fads. Below are top trends being created in the sweetest bakeries across the country.  

1. All-White Cakes

The all-white cake is a staple in the wedding industry.  They say, "Less is More" and I couldn't agree more! with an all-white wedding cake you can never go wrong.  A monochromatic palette is a blank canvas that allows you to create a stunning sweet treat for any type of wedding.  Whether you keep it timeless with a sleek look, mix textures like lace, ruffles, flowers or pearls for a contemporary look, or create a white lace pattern for vintage feel, white is the way to go.  Glamour can be added with touches of silver and crystals and natural and sugar flowers can be added to pull in inspiration from your bouquet or centerpieces.  The all-white wedding cake will always be in style. 

2. Black and White Cakes

A black and white color palette is immediately striking.  Add delicate piping, elegant flowers and bold textures with frosting to create a very stylish cake.  The black and white cake pays tribute to both the bride and the tuxedoed groom.  Whether you are hosting a black-tie soiree, a Parisian affair or a whimsical celebration, a black and white confection is instantly chic, instantly simple and instantly memorable!

3. Metallic Cakes

Metallic wedding details and accents are hot right now and one of the trends I'm seeing all over the place are gold, silver, bronze and rose gold wedding cakes.  And think about it - your cake is sort of the exclamation point on the evening - so why not adorn it in regal hues?! Tone it down with a silver foiled tier or go for allover gold leaf stenciling or just some metallic luster dust for a head-turning design!

4. The Fresh Flower Cakes

Using flowers to decorate a cake brings a simple elegance to the cake's presentation.  The use of flowers in the cake decor is a great way to coordinate your theme, aesthetic and colors throughout the entire day.  Make sure you tell your florist that you plan to incorporate the same flowers into the cake design so they order more and there is no variance in the appearance of the flora.  In the years before every bakery could produce a beautiful sugar or gum paste flower, fresh flowers were a popular decorating technique. As trends are moving closer to nature and organic origins, fresh flowers are surging back to the forefront of cake design.  Be careful not to over do it though, striking the perfect balance between exposed cake and flowers is difficult, and a cake that has elegance and grace will always look better in the end!

5. Gown Inspired Cakes

 Not only is your wedding dress a gorgeous focal point for your wedding it just might provide the perfect inspiration for your cake.  What makes a wedding gown special? Extraordinary embellishments, of course.  Here, desserts get adorned with fabulous flounces, beautiful beading and more.  A favorite piece of vintage embroidery or even a trimming from your dress can make a lasting impression on your confection. Not only is your wedding dress a gorgeous focal point for your wedding it just might provide the perfect inspiration for your cake.  For most girls her wedding gown is her favorite part of the whole day.  Why not pay tribute in sugar?!

6. Romantic Textured Cakes

Nothing says romance like soft buttercream ruffles, swirls, pleats and folds.  A decorator has many tools at their disposal to create the most beautiful textures and pretty petals.  Bakers everywhere are pushing the envelope with new and innovative techniques to stay on trend with the modern bride's decor.  From rustic  to delicate, buttercream can accomplish every look today's bride is wanting to achieve.  

7. Naked Wedding Cakes

In today's health conscious society, many brides and grooms are ditching the fondant and icing and opting for naked cakes where the pound cake is mostly if not fully exposed.  Not covering the tiers with layers of  sugar allows the beautiful sponge and filling to shine.  Stick to natural elements like fruit, fresh flowers and edible garnishes to adorn the simplified dessert.  Plus, what a great way to beat those melting cake blues during the hot summer months!

Stay tuned for wedding cake trends that are really pushing the envelope of form, function and design in next week's post.  In the meantime, I'd love to hear about your favorite cakes featured above or that you've seen on the wedding circuit!