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Fashioned Events is a "custom-tailored event design and production" business serving the Greater Kansas City, Lawrence and Topeka, Kansas areas.  Fashioned Events seeks to provide clients with exceptional social event design and coordination, customer service and unforgetable one-of-a-kind days.  Fashioned Events dives into a client's event and guides them through the entire planning process and oversees day-of event execution.  Services are provided for Weddings, Birthday Parties, Dinner Parties, Anniversaries, Graduations and much more! No event is too small or too extravagant. 

8 Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Coordinator

Most people who have been engaged will tell you that there's a lot more thought and time that goes into planning a wedding than they would have ever imagined. Many people hear the term "wedding planner/coordinator" and immediately think either one of two things: 1) "that's a luxury service that I can't afford", and 2) "It's my wedding, I want to plan it".  And I totally understand those reactions, but it is our belief that making either one or both of these assumptions can actually cause you more money and grief in the long run. 

We offer several levels of coordination so that our clients can decide to what level of involvement they need help with the planning, coordinating and executing process. 

Day-Of Coordination: Perfect for the couple who has all the planning under control, but needs a professional to execute all their hard work.

Month-of Coordination: Allows the bride and groom to enjoy the twilight of their engagement while their wedding coordinator confirms and finalizes all of those last minute details with the vendors. 

Full-Service Wedding Coordination: Guides our clients through the entire planning process. We'll be with you every step of the way. From budget formation and sticking to it, to vendor research and selection. 

Need more convincing why we believe hiring a coordinator is the best wedding decision you'll make? Check out the reasons below. 

1. Saves You Time

The average wedding takes couples 200+ hours to plan. Yes, you read that right. Hiring a wedding coordinator takes a bulk of the back and forth communication off your plate. We often times serve as the middleman between our clients and their selected vendors. We like to establish early on that we will be the point of contact, so that when the big day comes along, vendors are used to communicating with us, and doesn't bombard the couple and their family with lots of questions.

2. Saves You Money

Part of our job is to know market and industry standards; this includes price points. We advise our clients on the most important areas to spend their money. In Lawrence, the average couple is spending $25k on the entire event. No matter the size of your budget, you want to get the most bang for your buck, and we can help you do that. 

3. Wedding Vendors Love Us

When you think about it, there's a reason that your Florist, Caterer, DJ and Photographer don't advertise their services as Coordination. Your Photographer wants to take amazing pictures of your wedding day. If they are having to contact other vendors on your behalf, then they are being pulled away from their primary duties. If a bride and groom aren't using a wedding coordinator, a lot of times complimentary vendors end up having to manage the day-of timeline, or take on additional duties that are not within their agreed upon contracted services. Hiring a coordinator not only gives you peace of mind, but also your other vendors!

4. Gives Valuable Advice

A good wedding planner will know the ins and outs of the wedding industry. They will know exactly which wedding venues can accommodate your wedding size, fit within your budget, yet also give you the atmosphere you want. It is our job to know the vendors in our area inside and out; we know which florist can create the perfect bouquet and centerpieces for your theme, and which DJ can keep your guests dancing all night long!

5. Saves Relationships

Weddings can be stressful. Oftentimes a bride and groom find that planning a wedding can create tension between them and their families. A wedding coordinator knows how to deal with these situations and will act as the middle person to help avoid conflicts. 

6. Organizes all of Your Ideas into the Wedding of Your Dreams

Who is going to confirm all of your vendors setup times and details the month before your wedding? Who will create your reception room diagram and create a detailed timeline for your entire wedding day? Your wedding coordinator will handle and organize all of these tasks and more during the weeks and days leading up to your big day, leaving you to enjoy the twilight of your engagement. 

7. Acts on Your Behalf on Your Wedding Day

The big day is finally here. You have friends and family in town that have traveled miles to be there and that you haven't seen in years. The last thing you want is your caterer calling you while you're getting your hair done asking questions about setup. Your wedding coordinator will be the point of contact for all vendors on your wedding day so that you can sit back and relax. 

8. Handles Wedding Day "Fires"

Trust us on this, something always goes less than exactly as planned at every wedding. Whether its something big or small, noticeable or not, your wedding coordinator is well trained to put out these "fires" so that you and your guests don't even know they occurred. This is why its crucial to have a great relationship with your wedding team. It is our job to understand our clients, their vision and their wishes. A strong understanding and relationship means that we can act on their behalf in those moments.

The Ins and Outs and Here and There's of Spatial Planning

One of the biggest aspects of our job is helping our clients make a plan. We make contingency plans for weather, plans for where the gifts go at the end of the night, but maybe most importantly, a plan for how the space is going to be set up. Ask your venue if they have an available floor plan for you to use.

There are all sorts of free and purchasable software programs available to help design 3D event spaces. But if you're a little more analog and prefer to do your work on pen and paper, here's a trick we like to use. 

Take the floor plan to your local office store and have them laminate it. Now, using dry erase markers you can play around with several different lay-outs and table placements!

The 6 Most Important Things to Do After Your Wedding

Last call has been announced and the final dance floor jam is over.  Before you walk out into the happily ever after, make sure you make time for or have a plan for these 6 most important things to do after your celebration.  

Hiring a wedding coordinator can make some of these things easier for you! :)

1. Collect all of your belongings

Make arrangements for your beautiful flower arrangements to be dispersed to be enjoyed for the duration of their life.  You spent good money on all of these beautiful flora, they are yours.  Have a plan for them to go home with your mother, bridesmaids, in-laws and take some for yourself! Some brides wish to preserve their bouquets.  Check out this Bouquet Preservation 101 from

Make arrangements for all of your decor and gifts to make it to their final destination.  Make sure you know what the clear-out expectations of your ceremony venue are.  Some venues will allow for items to be stored over night with prior arrangements.  Others require all items to be taken that night.  You don't necessarily have to physically do these things yourself, (I mean lets be honest you may be wrapped up in other things) but make sure you have a plan in place for these things to get done.  As an Event Coordinators, these are details that ensure get taken care of for you!

2. Decompress

You did it.  You survived.  You and your mother managed to not kill each other.   You're hitched!  The day was beautiful and all of your guests had a wonderful time because they got to celebrate your love.   Grab your favorite warm beverage and find a comfortable sitting place.  Now, BREATHE.  You did it  You survived. You now have the rest of your life in front of you.  And you've successfully married the person you want to share it with.  But for now - relax.  Enjoy the quiet and the peace.  

3. Deliver Final Payments

Every vendor is different.  Some require a deposit, and then they will assess adjustments to the proposal and invoice after the wedding date.  Some vendors will provide you with a final invoice before the wedding date.  Make sure you have a clear understanding of your financial responsibilities and make a payment schedule to make sure these expenses are taken care of. Your Wedding Coordinator can help you sort through these payment deadlines and can deliver final payments on your behalf if you flee the country the next day!

4. Send Out Those Thank You's

We all know that social media and electronic correspondence can be impersonal.  Take the time to hand-write and personalize little notes to your guests for the gifts that they graciously gave to you.  Your guests will appreciate the sentiment and your gratitude.  

5. Get Your Name Changed

Now a days, newlywed brides have many modern options to make about whether or not to change their surname.  

  • Keep Your Given Name
  • Take Your Spouse's Name
  • Take Your Spouse's Name Legally, But Keep Your Given Name Professionally
  • Make Your Given Surname Your Middle Name and Take Your Spouse's Last Name
  • Create a New Last Name

Each of these options are valid in today's culture.  Taking your spouse's name however, does still require the most paperwork for the bride. For $30, can help you sort through the forms and before you know it your Social Security, US Passport, State Driver's License, USPS and State Voter Registration will all be order.  

6. Enjoy Wedded Bliss

What is a Fashioned Event?

A Fashioned Event is a one-of-a-kind, crafted for you, day.  Fashioned Events specializes in Custom-Tailored Event Design and Coordination.  Every aspect of the coordination process is unique to each client's situation, wants and needs.  

A Fashioned Event is a way to celebrate the events of your life in style. Our lives are full of exciting and memorable moments - why not celebrate them with your favorite people, food and drinks?! Fashioned Events allows you to host the party of the season while enjoying it to!  

Event Design, Menu Planning, Vendor Research and Communication paired with Event Execution are all in our wheel-house. 

From engagements to weddings, graduations to intimate dinner parties - no event is too big or too small - we can handle it all!

Tipping Ettiquette

Here's the dirty little secret about tipping your wedding professionals and service providers - there's no hard and fast rule.  Depending on the vendor and your contract, gratuity may be included in the overall bill.  For hotels and catering companies this is usually itemized as a "Service Charge".  Ask your service provider to explain all of the charges on your invoice to help you determine if a gratuity charge has been included already.  

In general, if your wedding professional exceeded your expectations, did a fantastic job and helped make your day perfect, then it is nice to show them a little bit of monetary gratitude - but it is not required.  Refer to my handy table as a guideline when sorting out those final payments and added tips!

As a Fashioned Event Client, you can keep partying the night away while we distribute your gratuities!

A Sweet Slice of History Part 2

Top Trending Cakes Part 2

Picking up just where we left off on our sweet journey through today's top wedding cake trends!

8. Ombre Cakes

I cannot get enough of ombre.  The soft fading effect looks oh-so-lovely on wedding details- especially the cakes. The subtle mix between bright shades and pastel colors just makes my color loving heart aflutter with excitement.  Along with being super trendy, ombre wedding cakes are the perfect way to show off your color scheme and add an unexpected twist to your reception decor.  With each row just a whisper darker than the one before it, the ombre effect is both playful and demure.  

9. Cakes with Surprise Fillings

Peek-a-Boo cakes aren't just for gender reveal parties anymore!  Stun and delight your family and guests with these delicious treats, which can be cut open to reveal a burst of color or a distinctive patter or shape.  Maybe an allover ombre cake gives to much away up front for your taste - cover your cake with white buttercream roses and no one will expect the varied layers of color inside.  Whether you're aiming for whimsical, decadent or elegant, a cake with a surprise filling is sure to please your guests!

10. Cakes with Geometric Designs

We all know by now that dressing up your cake is a fun way to put some pep into your wedding decor and these geometric wedding cakes are an unexpected modern twist that will have your guests talking long after all the crumbs have been licked off their plates!  Pretty pastel color palettes get a little bit of zing with the use of geometric patterns like squares, triangles and chevrons.  More sophisticated color stories take a glamorous, vintage inspired geo cake over the top. 

11. Unconventional "Cakes"

The French have been mastering the unconventional wedding cake for years.  The croqembouche, traditional wedding cake of France resembles nothing of it's American cousin.  The name croqembouche, which means, "crunch in the mouth" refers to the hard caramel that coats delicate puffs of pate a choux filled with vanilla cream.  The top tier rests on an edible nougatine base, made of caramel and crushed almonds.  Today, us Yankee's are finally catching on.  All we have to do to satisfy the wedding cake expectation is stack up delicious sweets in tapered tiers.  Macaroons, donuts, cake pops and pies are all finding their way to the center of the reception.  

12. Candy Cakes

By now, we're all familiar with the candy bar.  So if you're going to provide your guests with a buffet of sugary take-homes, why not cover your cake the sinful colored sugar as well?! Candy cakes can show the playfulness of a couple, the whimsey and the unabashed fun which surrounds your special day. 

13. Bold Color Cakes

In the past few years, brides and grooms have been pushing the boundaries on what is "acceptable" at a wedding.  White and pastels, while still great choices, are no longer the only colors used to celebrate a new marriage.  Bold, bright colors are increasingly being chosen over the more traditional color palettes, and the aesthetic is transferring over to bold, colorful wedding cakes. And I love it!  Add flair and drama to your wedding day with bold colors and flashy cakes and truly make a bold statement.  

14. Hand Painted Cakes

I had to save my very favorite for last.  While hand painted cakes have been slowly popping up on blogs and Pinterest over the last couple of years, they are now quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in wedding cakes - and from looking at the stunning examples above, it's easy to see why!  It's pretty safe to say that flowers and floral patterns are probably the most popular motif for wedding cakes in general.  And while the same can be said for hand-painted cakes, these flowers - from photo realist blooms painted onto gum paste to soft watercolor petals - are anything but boring. The abstract and the romantic, seasonal and stained glass, graffiti and love letters are all finding themselves imprinted on these pastries.  I can't tell you how in love with these edible masterpieces. 

Invitation as Inspiration

Absolutely LOVING Paper Source's new Spring line totally in line with what's trending in Wedding Styling right now. Check out their Invitation Inspirations and let Fashioned Events help you stitch the whole look throughout your wedding space!

Invitation Inspirations

Happily Ever After

Once in awhile, 
Right in the middle of an ordinary life, 
Love gives us a fairy tale.
~ Anonymous ~ 

We hope everyone finds their prince or princess, and when you do let Fashioned Events help make your happily ever after perfect!

Spring Showers

In honor of the beautiful bulbs popping up out of the ground and the cherry blossoms opening-- Happy Spring! Happy new beginnings and new loves. If yourself or someone you know is recently engaged, I'd love to give them a free consultation on how to plan the perfect day to celebrate their love.

The Wedding Trainers

Hey Bride and Grooms to be - I've got a great business to tell you about!

Compound Health & Fitness based out of Overland Park is offering fantastic "Wedding Transformation" packages that I am so excited to promote.  Compound's owners and trainers Rachel and Anthony are nationally certified trainers with over 18 years of combined experience in personal training.  Their Wedding Training packages consist of personal training at the 6, 9 and 12 month intervals.  As you prepare for your new lives together, Rachel and Anthony want to help you start looking and feeling your best not just in time for your wedding day, but for the rest of your lives together. They also offer special packages for members of your wedding party!

If you are worried about how to fit this into your daily living budget, set up a consultation with Fashioned Events and I can help you work it into your wedding budget.  Don't forget that hiring a wedding coordinator can actually help you save money!  We have industry knowledge and expertise that will save you time, money, avoid making common wedding planning mistakes and overspending - and don't forget the value of peace of mind on your big days!!

Don't forget to tell them that you heard about Compound Health & Fitness from Fashioned Events!

rachel and anthony.jpg

Window Dressings

Working on decor for an upcoming wedding. The space has several large panoramic windows, which we will be dressing with these shabby chic picture lines. I took apart an old wood pallet and used a wood burner to incorporate the bride's "wedding words" (which will be the table "numbers"). Between these boards will be rows of pictures of the couple and their families by clothespins and twine.